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About The Site

Start DC is focused on entrepreneurs in and around Washington, DC. It promotes businesses started by women and people of color and provides advice and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Start DC started in late 2015 and since then we’ve talked with dozens of entrepreneurs about the realities of starting a business. So many of these businesses are now thriving in the District, and we have their founders’ lessons and tips to guide and inspire you. Feel free to browse, and thank you for being a part of Start DC!


About Me

I’m Genna. I’m into travel, photography, food, and social justice. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and then moved to Washington, DC, from west to east. (I lived and worked in Honolulu, rural Japan, London, and New York City along the way.) When I’m not blogging, biking, or traveling, I’m most often taking photos or at my day job promoting social impact. I’m currently living in northwest Washington, DC.

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