Start DC Issue: You Rock (Yes, You!)

A Note from the Founder

You rock like this (^) kitty, even if sometimes it feels like you don’t. Even the most bad-ass entrepreneurs have their moments of doubt because doubt can be a by-product of putting yourself out there. But you got this.

As women, we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than men do for themselves. The way girls are raised often creates these preconditions and the way women are treated reinforces them (read more here), with very real-world implications. As just one example, women who earn less than an “A” in intro economics classes are much more likely than their male classmates to switch majors. So please take a minute this Friday to give yourself a break and some credit. You started your own business or you’re thinking about it. That takes guts. You rock!

Genna | Founder @ Start DC

🔥   Catch up. The last issue is available here.

P.S. We’re making it a goal to use an animal gif in every issue (and we’re only half-joking). Hope it brings a bit of levity to your week 🙂

Community 💛: Big congratulations to Becca Rea-Holloway, who we interviewed as co-founder of Flours in Your Hair. Since then, she’s started The Sweet Feminist, a social justice-themed cake account that is taking off on Instagram!

Image via @thesweetfeminist

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