Start DC // Issue #6: Hey, June

A Note from the Founder

Have you seen this video of an 8-year-old girl, as NPR puts it, “crush[ing] Led Zeppelin’s ‘Good Times Bad Times'”? It’s three minutes of bliss watching someone so completely in her element and doing something she clearly loves.

For me, it was also a reminder to connect with your passion. As an entrepreneur, your passion may also be your livelihood, but I think the day-to-day can sometimes obscure the joy. It’s important to take a step back to recenter, to reconnect with what makes you want to pull on some polka dot socks and gleefully bang a drum pedal.

GennaFounder @ Start DC

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Top Reads

1/ It’s never too late. Diversity in entrepreneurship includes age diversity, and it turns out that some of the most recognizable women entrepreneurs did not start businesses until their fourth decades (or later).  (Entrepreneur)


2/You probably should not spend an extra 30 minutes on that email. More time spent does not always equal a better product. This article argues for reasonable work weeks and gives you permission to go home already! Turns out it may make you and your employees more productive. (Harvard Business Review)

3/How to make Facebook ads worth it for your business. Read on for six clear tips on how to generate leads from Facebook ads. (Entrepreneur)


Community 💛: Did you catch Chef Kevin Tien of Himitsu on Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet Season 2? DC celeb alert!

Click H E R E for our interview with Tien!


Funding Resources + Events

Nerdwallet curates a list of 10 ways to access small business funds as a female entrepreneur, from government grants to foundations and corporations offering assistance.

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