December is the season for giving, and it’s not too late! Start DC chats with GoodWorld, an innovative DC startup that is making giving easier.


GoodWorld is a platform that helps people donate to the causes they care about directly on social media. By writing a comment or tweeting to a charity and including #donate, GoodWorld allows you to give instantly to the nonprofit of your choice. It’s a simple concept that is so needed!

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, founder and CEO, launched GoodWorld in fall 2014, after a friend’s Facebook post inspired her to give to a charity in Afghanistan, but navigating a maze of websites to donate left Pfeifer frustrated. By creating #donate technology that allows users to type “#donate” on a charity’s Facebook page or compose a tweet with “#donate”, Pfeifer is streamlining the giving process and, she hopes, inspiring generosity on social media.

This December, GoodWorld launched a Million Dollar Challenge to catalyze generosity on social media sites. This month, for each completed donation of $20 or more made using #donate, GoodWorld will give an extra $1 to that charity, up to $1 million. There are still a few more days to #donate and help two great causes at once!

GoodWorld Start DC

In the spirit of giving, Pfeifer shared her top three lessons learned since launching GoodWorld last year.

  1. Simplicity is key. Pfeifer learned that you don’t always need to add to an idea to make it work—sometimes simple is best. It took several iterations for Pfeifer to arrive at #donate as the streamlined solution for the problem she’d been trying to solve. “Look for small things that will have the biggest impact,” she explains.
  1. Kindness is crucial. According to Pfeifer, building meaningful relationships by being generous and willing to lend a land is good both for your career and your own wellbeing.
  1. Start now, and don’t underestimate yourself. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Pfeifer recommends, “Don’t sit around wondering what you could do if you only had more resources or time. Start and don’t wait, otherwise it’s very easy to get stuck! You might be surprised at what you can achieve.”

Learn more and join in here.


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